Intro to LabelFlow
The beginner's guide to the image labelling annotation tool LabelFlow

What's our mission at LabelFlow?

At LabelFlow we are on a mission to build GitHub for Visual Data. We first started building an open source image labeling platform focused on user experience. We are now working on more advanced features to manage datasets and allow you build the next big thing with AI ! You can find the code on Github here, feel free to ping us on Discord as well, there are impactful contributions to bring to the project.

Who are we?

After 5 years building Sterblue, an AI-powered platform for the energy space helping to identify hazards on power grids and wind turbines, LabelFlow founding team figured out that it was possible to bring AI to scale in complex use cases. It usually brings better reliability, more productivity and hence a better user experience but this has a price and there is no secret sauce: the dataset must be large, homogeneous, and accurately labeled. Machine Learning models performance mainly comes from the quality of the datasets, less from the model itself.

Let's get started !

Head on over to Quick start and let us take a test case to see how you can leverage LabelFlow to bring your machine learning models to scale today.
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